The turkish title deed has comprehensive information regarding the property. It serves as a receit of the registration at the title deed office, it consists of 3 parts and there are 2 different types available. The red framed title deed is for buildings  and the blue framed title deed is for plot of lands. We have prepared a detailed description for you. Below you can find the template and the specifications.

İLİ – Province
İLÇESİ – District
KÖYÜ – Village
SOKAĞI – Street
MEVKİİ – Locality
PAFTA NO – Plot Number
ADA NO – Lot Number
PARSEL NO – Parcel Number
YÜZÖLÇÜMÜ – Surface Measurements
SINIRI – Boundaries
KAT MÜLKİYETİ – Residential Ownership
KAT İRTİFAKI – Condominium
DEVRE MÜLK – Vacation Home

SATIŞ BEDELİ – Sales Price
ARSA PAYI – Land Share
BLOK NO – Block Number
KAT NO – Floor Number
BAĞIMSIZ BLM NO – Independent Section Number
EDİNME SEBEBİ – Reason to obtain
SAHİBİ – Owner Information

GELDİSİ – Transferred From
GİTTİSİ – Transferred To
YEVMİYE NO – Journal Number
CİLT NO – Volume Number
SAHİFE NO – Page Number
SIRA NO – Line Number
TARİH – Date