Finding the right property is the most important part of this process. There are a lot of options available (small and big apartments, villas, mansions, and more). The prices change according to the size, location, age and speciality of the properties. Your broker must know exactly what you need, what you want and what you can afford. You should not forget that the broker is working for you to help you find the right apartment.


Once you found your dream home your broker will take contact with the owner to close the deal. The parties will get together to discuss the sale conditions. The broker has the responsibility to guarantee both parties satisfaction and prepare a sales contract that is detailed and precise. The sales contract will also include the broker responsibilies for a clean and effortless title deed and money transfer.


If you want to finance your property purchase, your broker will get in touch with the turkish banks and get the current interest rates. The bank will assign a property appraiser to make an inspection and prepare an evaluation report. Depending on your nationality, the evaluation report and your financial background the bank will process your aplication.

Your broker will oversee this whole process for you.


The title deed transfer is taken very serious in Turkey. The whole process will be completed in 3 stages.

Stage1 – The seller has to pay all outstanding taxes to the municipality and will receive the ”fair value” document and has to apply personally for the title deed transfer.

Stage2 – The title deed office will check all documents, calculate the sales tax and invite both parties to the title deed office for the transfer.

Stage3 – At the title deed office one officer will comfirm with both parties the sale. If one or more of the parties is foreigner, it is required that a sworn translator is present. The title deed transfer papers will be signed after both parties confirm the conditions and the payment for the property will be made at the same time.

Your broker will oversee this as well and make sure that the whole process goes flawlessly.


The new owner has to get a registration at the municipality with their new title deed and tax number, secure the mendatory natural disaster insurance and get new sucscribtions for water and electricity.

Your broker will take you to the required locations and oversee this process as well.